Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Cookies! (Sorry, for people only)

Frosted sugar cookies with M&M
minis! Yum!

R.I.P. Sir Perceval!

Today when I woke up I found, to my dismay and horror, that the cat had knocked over my beloved beta Sir Perceval's tank. No body was found, therefore we must draw the inevitable conclusion that Sir Percy was eaten. I have been quite upset about this because I feel that I am somehow responsible. Wasn't it my job to protect Percy from danger, to clean his tank and feed him his little fish food? Farewell, gallant Percy. You fought the dragon and lost. We will always remember how you would swim in and out of your hollow castle, float on the bottom of the tank, and spit out your food. Rest in peace, Percy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Social Grooming 101

I read that when cats engage in communal grooming, the higher ranking cat will groom the lower-ranking cat. I guess Leto's trying to show Freyja who's boss.

Mass Hysteria! Cats and Dogs living together!

So here is a video of Freyja and Leto playing together. Do not be fooled by Brian's pajama pants being in the video, Brian does not actually appear. Also please disregard our conversation at the beginning of the video, especially the part where I say "How do you get this thing to play?" Towards the end of the video you will hear Cisco yelp because I accidentally stepped on him. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Question: Do siamese cats like to swim? (See answer below)

I read online that Siamese cats love to swim, so I decided to try this experiment. Leto seemed content just to bat the rubber duckie around so I decided to give him a little "push". Well, I found out that cats can climb straight up a slippery vertical surface. If he wants to swim at all, then he definitely wants to do it on his own time. This still does not explain why he will lay on the bottom of the tub after someone has taken a shower.

The P-A-R-K (don't say it out loud!)

When you have animals or small children, you learn to spell things. Once the word "park" is said, the dogs insist that we take them. This abandoned softball field is a perfect play place for the dogs: there are horses, other dog smells, and plenty of room to run. Every day, the horses come to see Freyja (she thinks she's a horse). There is a tall, black horse with a brown nose and white stockings that is my personal favorite. Freyja will run up and down the fence, barking playfully, and the horses will stamp and arch their necks. Cisco is not a fan of livestock, so we keep him distracted with his Frisbee.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I made the famous rolls and I didn't screw them up! Here's the proof.